"A wise system of education teaches us how little man yet knows;
how much he has still to learn."

Aims And Inspirations

GNPS inspires the children to set their own personal standards of excellence in all walks of life. it provides education that makes them capable of responding to the chanlenges of life with self-belief and enthusiasm.

  • Impart value education and instill spiritual values
  • develop nascent capacities of a child
  • foster in students the qualities of self-descipline, self-confidence and positive thinking.
  • encourages the students to strive for excellence in every field.
  • help students to acquire knowledge creativity by experimenting, exploring and even fantasizing.
  • prepare students to write successfully in competitive exams.
  • cultivate a generation of leaders who rejuvenate society out of their insight and thinking.

Our Schools

Sarabha Nagar

0161-2457764,  0161-2456349

Primary Wing, Model Town Extn.

0161-2455770,  0161-2456702


0161-2874500,  0161-6518210


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